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My name is Radoslav Salov and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I love animals since my childhood. In my family we had hamsters, cats, decorative fishes and dogs.

I bought my first dog (labrador named Daddemma Electra) in 2008 with my ex girlfriend with whom i lived together at this point. Then I met more closely with breeding, cynology and dog exhibitions, and I decided that this is something that I want to do as a hobby. We got a second dog (american cocker named Four Seasons Hunique Faith In The Future). Unfortunately me and my girlfriend separated and the two dogs stayed with her because she was listed as owner. Currently Electra is visiting me from time to time, but I miss her every day that we are not together.

At the end of 2011 I took Daddemma Carmen, because I could not live alone and I missed my dogs a lot. I want to thank Dejan Dabic, who agreed to entrust the care of a second dog from his kennel to me, and the Nikitovic family for all the support they gave me in difficult moments.

In 2012 I registered Electra In My Heart kennel to be able to practice my hobby. My goal is to breed healthy dogs with good temperament and reserved hunting qualities.

Electra In My Heart Kennel